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Support Agreements

Small businesses often try to meet their Information Systems needs by selecting a knowledgeable "computer person" to support their systems.  System support needs are easily underestimated or problem resolution complex.  This added responsibility often results in the designated person becoming overwhelmed.  Frequently, the result is frustrated users and an unhappy computer person  - neither of whom can get problems resolved as quickly as they'd like. 

Digital Pathways can provide complete scheduled or emergency support for your systems, or assist your internal IT group in meeting demands.  Benefit from our years of experience and knowledge gained from many corporate and medium sized business installations.  Our certified technicians will visit your organization, perform a site survey and discuss your support requirements.  Pricing is available on a "per incident" basis, or select one of our monthly support agreement packages which best suits your company's needs. 

  • Remote Management                    
  • Backups 
  • Troubleshooting                             
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Packaging and applications deployment
  • Web updates
  • Online trouble ticket system
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Easy to Start

Digital Pathways support solutions for small to mid size business will keep your operation running seamlessly and efficiently at an affordable cost.  Our Support Agreement options start with a basic support program of 6 discounted hours per month with higher volume programs available.  Call us now at 609-859-8000 for more information. 

Great Docs / Support

Have you had an IT group install and build your network, but have no idea what was done or have critical passwords documented in your vault?   We will document your existing network, in our easy to read template format for your organizations records, as well as make security and efficiency recommendations if applicable.

We Take Care of Everything

Whatever your business needs, Digital Pathways  takes care of everything from Domain configuration and installation to web design and hosting, providing your organization with a single point of contact for all your IT needs.  The same familiar faces will visit your organization who know your network configuration.