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Systems Integration

Providing integration of diverse systems can be challenging.   Digital Pathways Consulting has real world experience integrating disparate networks in large corporate environments.    A solid integration plan is critical to success, incorporating a thorough testing cycle prior to implementation .  Our technicians will work with your team or representative to develop and implement a testing plan facilitating an organized, methodical process. 

  • MS/Unix/Novell/3270
  • Remote access
  • Terminal Services
  • CRM
  • Cloud Services
  • Web servers, firewalls, DMZ's, email
  • Integration of legacy applications
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Easy to Start

Digital Pathways support solutions for small to mid size business will keep your operation running seamlessly and efficiently at an affordable cost.  Our Support Agreement options start with a basic support program of 6 discounted hours per month with higher volume programs available.  Call us now at 609-859-8000 for more information. 

Great Docs / Support

Have you had an IT group install and build your network, but have no idea what was done or have critical passwords documented in your vault?   We will document your existing network, in our easy to read template format for your organizations records, as well as make security and efficiency recommendations if applicable.

We Take Care of Everything

Whatever your business needs, Digital Pathways  takes care of everything from Domain configuration and installation to web design and hosting, providing your organization with a single point of contact for all your IT needs.  The same familiar faces will visit your organization who know your network configuration.